Canadians Don’t buy Doge from the Shady!

Yesterday I posted a post about how to buy Dogecoin in 7 easy steps. Soon after that, I went to Youtube to check out what other Youtubers are posting. and what I found was some Shady Exchanges that were being promoted.

I found this one exchange that lets you buy dogecoin but had tons of negative reviews. People were complaining that it took days to get their money transferred, withdrawal fees were insane, the platform would freeze and have errors, and much more.

The bottom line is. Don’t invest in cheap institutes. Always try to invest using the largest most popular ones. They have the most to lose when it comes to their clients. If you really want to invest and buy some Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, and any other altcoins use the guide below. I highly recommend Newton and Binance. They are some of the largest Exchanges and most secure exchanges to buy and trade crypto.

Watch the video below and follow the steps to start purchasing dogecoin in Canada.

Step 1 – Sign up to Newton

Click the link to sign up to Newton and

get $25 bonus with $100 deposit

Step 2 – Add Funds

Step 3 – Purchase USDT

Step 4 – Sign up for Binance

Click link to sign up to Binance and

get 10% off trading fees for forever.

Step 5- Copy your Binance USDT Wallet Deposit Address

Step 6- Transfer funds from Newton to Binance

Paste the Binance address into Newton

Step 7- Purchase Doge in Binance through DOGE/USDT

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