How to Fund Binance in Canada

Currently in Canada there are not many great exchanges to trade crypto. The ones that do exist only have a limited number of coins available and often crash whenever there is a huge dip or pump in the market. One of the best exchanges you can sign up for is Binance. It has over 300+ Altcoins and high liquidity. The following tutorial will show you step by step how to Fund Binance if you are a Canadian.

The Following Tutorial will show you the cheapest way to fund Binance in Canada.

Step 1 – Sign up to Newton and Binance

Step 2 – Click on the top right tab

Step 3 – Click on add funds and then click on the Via Interact e-Transfer

Step 4 – Add the desired funds and click on send fund request. You will then get an email and finish the fund request with your online bank.

Step 5 – Back in Newton click on trade and convert your CAD to XLM. (You do this to get the cheapest rate when transferring to Binance.)

Step 6 – Go into the Binance App and click on depsoit.

Step 7 – Find XLM and copy the wallet address

Step 8 – Go back to Newton and click on withdraw and then on Crypto to Wallet.

Step 9 – Past the wallet address you got from Binance and then pick how much XLM you want to transfer. Then Click on Review withdrawal and then confirm.

Congrats!!!! You have now funded your

Binance Account!

Here is a video version of the tutorial below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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